Long Shot Sniper reveals it’s closely guarded winning secret



Check out a recent winner on the 25th May 2023:

25/05/2023 - 15:30 Haydock - Radio Goo Goo 36/5 - WON @ 15/2 +£375.00

+£375.00 profit in just ONE Day

– make sure you catch the RIGHT ODDS at the RIGHT TIME, with the RIGHT STRATEGY and success will most definitely follow.

Here are just a few of the key features inside my INCREDIBLE horse racing service.

Delivered daily via EMAIL

Sent between 10:30am - 11am GMT

Odds between 7/1 - 33/1

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This revolutionary new service will alert you via email every day with High-Value Odds bets.

It’s a simple 2-minute process to check your email and then places your bets at your bookmaker.

Check out our back-to-back winners where we picked up a 33/1 winner on the 16th April 2022 and then we followed up on the 17th with a 15/2 winner:

16/04/2022 - 14:49 Newton Abbot - Holerday Ridge 31/1 - WON @ 33/1 +£1,650.00

17/04/2022 - 14:50 Plumpton - Richie Valentine 39/5 - WON @ 15/2 +£375.00

WON +£2,025.00 profit in Only TWO Days

Here’s how with a little discipline you could join the likes of Gordon, Valerie & Anthony.

My name is Charlie Kemp, and I am going to show just how you can make more money from betting than you ever imagined.

I’d like to start by telling you the reasons why you aren't yet winning big.

Bookies are well known for being hard to beat.

Most tipsters haven’t the foggiest about what they’re doing

You are not applying the correct method

Nothing wrong with that. It’s not something that comes easy otherwise bookmakers would soon be a thing of the past. Instead, they’re becoming more prosperous and stronger by the day and why?

People like you and so many others who have no formula or research to go from, no help or support in what you’re doing and if you do, they’re probably making from you too.

And let me tell you something, it’s not your fault.

Following tipsters can be just as profitable for both the bookies and the tipsters but not you.

I have seen first-hand how services can rip punters off, and I can count on one hand the honest and reliable ones, ones that consistently produce results and can withstand the test of time.

Some begin okay, but you quickly find your profits dwindling as the tipster's form sinks and suddenly you can’t buy a win for love nor money.

Finding a betting strategy that performs as it says it will is like finding a needle in a haystack!

But if you DO want to make money from betting on the horses then read on as I am about to show just how to do precisely that…

What I want to give YOU is an entirely new and different approach...

Using my ingenious yet straight-forward selections process you will be making thousands of pounds in just a matter of days.

This strategy – like any other is founded on rules, rules which are made not to be broken.

I have spent hours going through data from the past ten years in racing and developed a system based on avoiding the favourites, the horse's everyone backs and make little money on if that.

There are staggering statistics on how much money can be made by going for the horses with double-figure odds, and so I delved into this strategy to pick off those very horses that steam through the finish line leaving everyone open-mouthed.

Long Shot Sniper actively targets runners with odds of between 7/1 - 33/1 and puts you in the driving seat for massive profit. Odds below this margin are only setting you up for upset, and anything above the 33/1 mark is highly unlikely to perform.

I will explain more in a moment but before I do there is something fundamental you must be made aware of right now.

You will not win them all. You will not win 50% of them. You will be lucky to win 25% of them. Once you fully understand and believe this, you can begin to fully appreciate the power of this strategy.

We provide ONE value selection per day sometimes we get NON RUNNERS and with the rare-occasion a NO BET advice given.

But how do you pick long shots out of all the horses in a race?

Do you bet on the first horse, the second, third, fourth or fifth…?

Long Shot Sniper Method of Selection:

 1 – We will only ever pick long-shots with odds of between 7/1 and 33/1. It is very rare for horses to come in at over 33/1 odds and there is no point you betting on a horse at less than 7/1 if you plan on making money in the long run with picking long-shots.

2 – Never bet on the junior and amateur races as it is IMPOSSIBLE to pick a winner. They are so unstable that any horse can win so there’s no way you can make any appropriate selections.

3 – Never back on a horse that has fallen in its last eight races. If it falls, then there is a high chance it will fall again in the future. Do not let it be this race.

4 – If the horse came 5th or lower in the previous race at the same course then ignore it entirely.

5 – AGAIN: Remember you do not need to win every bet. We will be aiming for a super low strike rate of just 5-10%. Yes, with JUST a 5-10% Strike Rate you can profit every month with Long Shot Sniper using as little as £2 Stakes. You will need just one win out of every 10 - 20 bets to end up in profit.

PLEASE NOTE: We exceed the strike rate expectations on a regular basis, but we have to make this clear from the get-go that losing runs may occur. We select horse's with high odds and often hit a 20%+ Win Rate which is incredible but remembers we only need 5-10% strike rate each month for us to hit profit which is the number 1 aim of our service.

Here are just a few testimonials from our members;


Now, before proceeding, I must make it clear what I mean by discipline, after all for this strategy to truly work it will need cooperation so please do not click order until you have understood the ground rules.

RULE 1: This is a long-term tipster service – the methodology behind Long Shot Sniper is that we select horses with massive odds who fulfil our criteria and therefore do not win everyday – Our members are all fully aware that they will go through losing streaks but with the value of winners between 7/1 - 33/1 we end up at the end of most months in profit.

RULE 2: Always stick to the selections you receive in your email – for this strategy to work you must adhere to it, 87% of mistakes are made through greed or panic betting. We know what we are doing, so bet with level stakes unless otherwise stated!

RULE 3: Have fun with this service and enjoy your profits – the aim of the game is to make a profit so let us know what you like to spend your winnings on and how you are getting on from time to time.

RULE 4: This service shouldn’t be shared with anyone outside of the members club – It has taken me 5 years of countless hours of research to develop the strategy for this service so I would kindly ask for it not to be posted on social media etc. for my sake and yours as with any method, once the bookmakers become wise to it the odds will be reduced significantly on our daily selections.

SO if you are ready to make thousands every month thanks to this bulletproof method, our VIP club awaits!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much money do I need to invest everyday?

Answer: You can start with as little as £0.10 per bet when using bookmakers like Betfair.

Q2. How much time do I need to spend each day using this service?

Answer: TheLong Shot Sniper selections are sent to you every day via email, just open your inbox and place the bet sent everyday. It takes no more than 30 seconds to place the bet every day.

Q3. Will I win every day?

Answer: No, it is unrealistic to expect to win everyday. There will be periods with lots of winners and periods with fewer winners. As we focus on well-priced value bets, we have a lower strike-rate than a typical winners only service but due to high nature with our odds we tend to always end each month in a profit.

Q4. How many selections does Long Shot Sniper provide each day?

Answer: Long Shot Sniper provides, Value selections. You will get 1 selection everyday with average odds of around 4/7-3/1.

Q5. What about Customer Support?

The Long Shot Sniper dedicated customer support team will be at your beck and call. Just send in an email into support@longshotsniper.com with your query, and you will be answered asap or within 12-24 hours.

This method WILL WORK for anyone regardless of your history in betting.

I’ve taken care of all the complicated stuff, so all there is for you to do is follow my bets and then collect your winnings!

This is the easiest money you’ll ever make!

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If you have any questions please contact us right away.

All the best,

Charlie Kemp - LongShotSniper.com


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